You are most welcome to contribute to Lantz with code, documentation and translations. Please read the following document for guidelines.

Python style

  • Unless otherwise specified, follow PEP 8 strictly.
  • Document every class and method according to PEP 257.
  • Before submitting your code, use a tool like and to check for style.
  • Feat and DictFeat should be named with a noun or an adjective.
  • Action should be named with a verb.
  • Files should be utf-8 formatted.

Finally, we have a small Zen

import this
Lantz should not get in your way.
Unless you actually want it to.
Even then, python ways should not be void.
Provide solutions for common scenarios.
Leave the special cases for the people who actually need them.
Logging is great, do it often!

The easiest way is to start Contributing Drivers. Once that you gain experience with Lantz you can start Contributing to the core.